202: Build a solid workbench on a budget (split top roubo) — Part 1 laminating the top

View the rest of the project build: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jACdUrQRGjo&list=PLBFh7Sq0DmVqOpX8PGHbnYnA-joe8Nmof

Episode Focus: Slab glue up and slab flattening…

The first project for season two is here! In this video series I show you how to build a split top roubo workbench on a budget!
In this video I show you how to mill your timber, laminate the top slaps, and two methods on how to flatten your slaps using either hand tools or machinery.

Video Outline:
00:00 — 01:28 Introduction and Project run through
01:29 — 02:58 Timber preparation/Milling process
02:59 – 03:55 Slab Lamination/Slab glue up
03:56 – 07:42 Flatting the slab (hand tool method) & Using winding sticks
07:43 — 11:55 Flattening the slab (machine method)
11:56 — 13:30 Squaring the ends & Cutting to length
13:31 — 15:53 Thanks for watching & What’s happening next time.

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All music by Kevin Macleod @ http://www.incomptech.com