198 – Grizzly Track Saw Review

Back in January, we discussed Grizzly getting into the track saw game. Predictions were made, claims were refuted, blood was spilled. OK, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but it was very clear that lots of folks were waiting to see how this saw performs. I really don’t have much spare time in my schedule right now but I decided to fast-track (haha, get it? track?) this review so that you can hopefully make a more informed purchase decision, if you happen to be interested in this unit.

grizzly-track-saw-3The Grizzly T10687 Track Saw retails for $179.95 and the track retails for $49.95, as of April 2013. This price point is the reason why I’m doing this review. At this stage of the game, a new track saw hitting the market at the going rate of $400+ would just be white noise and probably wouldn’t catch my attention. But the fact that folks can potentially know the joys of the track saw world for only $230 is something worth talking about. And here’s a little disclaimer: This is not a complete feature by feature review. Most of you know that’s not how I do things here. I am sure there will be plenty of hardcore reviews for you to enjoy from other publishers in the near future. My goal is to simply give you my thoughts upon initial inspection and use. Nothing more.

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